Classic Beach Bikes - A bike for life

Classic beach Bikes helps the do it your self handy person to build a unique vintage American made or aftermarket replica collectable bicycle that can be used for generations to come. Keep in mind that using an original Schwinn steal frame built before 1980 in most cases will make this experience more genuine because you will be working with an actual American built Schwinn frame that more than likely was proudly owned by somebody from the 1950's through the 1980's depending on your frame.

Classic Beach Bike - Your bicycle for life bike for life


Classic Beach Bike lifestyle


If you build a bike you love, it becomes a family heirloom.

Build or acquire a classic Schwinn and it will outlast your grandchildren. These classics are a fraction of the price of a modern bicycle but function better in regular day to day circumstances.

A good deal for anyone needing an affordable, comfortable, long lasting bicycle. Coastal Motion Video and Web has finally built this website Classic Beach Bikes that will give you the door to the right bike for you.